Why PMD Heavy Parts Ltd?

10+ Years of experience and specialization

Our company is in the market for more than 10 years now and we are only specializing on those two brands (CATERPILLAR and SCANIA). Our personnel has the experience and the expertise to help you identify your spare part, quote and order it for you.

We always use the latest brand catalogues

When it comes to genuine spare parts, the process to identify the right part can be tricky and time consuming. It requires a combination of an experienced personnel and the use of the latest brand catalogues. Outdated catalogues may result to wrong part identification, wrong order, waste of money and the most important, repair delay. Here at PMD Heavy Parts Ltd, we always use the latest brands catalogues for both CATERPILLAR and SCANIA to identify and order your genuine spare part.

We understand that delay is costing you money

If your equipment is broken then this is costing money to your business. We understand this very well and we do appreciate your trust to our firm. For this reason, we do all we can to speed up the process for you. We follow up all orders, we keep you update for the status of your order, the expected delivery time etc. until you receive the spare part. Nothing is left behind. And the most most important, we keep personal contact to all our communication. You will always know to whom you have to talk and who is responsible for your order.

We know our job, our happy clients can tell you that.

Our personnel is fully trained and have the expertise to help you with your request. When it comes to CATERPILLAR and SCANIA genuine spare parts, we want to be your first choice. For our company, customer service is not a department, it’s an attitude!

We are not just another business…

PMD Heavy Parts Ltd Is not just another business. We are definitely not an impersonal firm. We know our customers first name and we talk to them that way . We keep personal communication with all our clients and we encourage them to do the same. We understand your concerns and your agony if your equipment is broken and a part is needed and we do everything possible to identify and deliver the part to you as fast as possible.

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